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Women and Health

Maternal mortality: Every day in 2010, about 800 women died due to complications of pregnancy and child birth, including severe bleeding after childbirth, infections, hypertensive disorders, and unsafe abortions. Out of the 800, 440 deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa and 230 in Southern Asia, compared to five in high-income countries. The risk of a woman in a developing country dying from a pregnancy-related cause during her lifetime is about 25 times higher compared to a woman living in a developed country. Maternal mortality is a health indicator that shows very wide gaps between rich and poor, both between countries and within them.

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1000women die every day of the consequences of pregnancy and child birth

Maternal mortality

Life expectancy

24more years on average a female can expect to live in a high income country than a low income country

Life expectancy at birth

Causes of death

1/3of all female deaths are due to cardiovascular disease and stroke

Leading causes of death
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